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Buy Alpha-PHP Quality Drugs Online

alpha-Pyrrolidinohexiophenone (also known as PV-7, alpha-PHP, A-PHP, and a-PHP) is a popular synthetic stimulant of the cathinone and pyrrolidine chemical classes that produces typical short-lived substituted cathinone effects such as euphoria, thought acceleration, disinhibition and ego inflation when administered. It is structurally related to compounds such as MDPV and is one of the successors to the designer drug cathinone analog a-PVP.

a-PHP generally comes in the form of either a fine powder or crystallized shards which users can ingest to produce powerful but short-lived euphoric stimulant effects which are comparable to those of methamphetamine and cocaine when insufflated or vaporized. Like its research chemical cathinone predecessors, it is has gained notoriety for its tendency to induce compulsive redosing and addictive behaviors in a large percentage of its users as well the ability to readily induce delusional states and psychosis when abused.

Buy Alpha-PHP Quality Drugs Online

a-PHP has a short history of use and is subject to much scrutiny by the media. It is being used and marketed as a replacement for a-PVP (known on the street as flakka) a few years following its ban, where it has come to substitute a-PVP in many parts of the world. While initially mass synthesized in Chinese industrial laboratories, a ban on a-PHP within China�s borders has forced production to nations worldwide.

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  1. Smooth

    The package arrived thank you guys…these guys are the real deal looking forward to doing long term business with you Best research.

  2. West Skunk

    Tested only a gram but my research was absolutely amazing. In comparison to other vendors a-Php the duration ( which I had to took to research this wonderful compound) was about 1/2 longer and the effects in the Laboratory were uncomparable without a doubt. Effects were very gentle and I could not imagine getting it anywhere else, seriously!

  3. Patrick

    My Lab **** **** happy after testing this compound !

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